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sz temperatures going down. freeze warnings and frost advisory going up. i have the temperatures for you coming up. >> also tonight at 9:00. governor proposes sweeping reform to the way we finance california schools. even he admits the controversial. >> man ladies police to the body of his mother and confesss to her murder. tonight family of another victim wonders why he was freed from prison in the first place. and bay area man nominated for oscar. and piece of history he used to make the history he used to make the film lincoln look even moreee
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>> today chilly temperature drop low enough to bring a light dusting to the bay area. we see a look over mount hamilton in santa clara county where that is actually ice we are seeing on the leaves from freezing fog. and here's a live shot now from our emeryville camera look teing bay. if you thought it was cold today, the temperatures could get even lower. good ning i'm dan ashley let's get to sandy with a close watch on what is going on out there. >> if you don't feel the winter chill yet get ready to feel it tonight. already out there temperatures falling. live doppler 7 hd showing you skies are clear right now. and this is where the freeze warnings are going up. very shortly here friday and saturday 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. darker purple. all of the north basement its bay interior valley and santa clara valley which includes san jose. mid 2 is to low 30's. freeze damage to crops sensitive plants. bayshore line indicated by the lighter purple under a frost
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advisory during the same time period. temperatures low to mid 30's want to protect the sensitive plants. bring them in. don't forget about your pechlts i'll be back to show you exactly how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood in a few minutes and look at the weekend forecast. >> thanks very much. see you in a few minutes. >> snow in the sierra means chains required on all vehicle on highway 80 from the foot hills to donner lake. you should also take extra care when driving in the bay area of course. santa cruz mountains early this morning cal-trans covering the pavement with a layer of sand. freezing weather makes black ice invisible threat. >> no traction and can't steer and brake and you go where energy takes you. >>reporter: very dangerous. plants need protection, too. especially citrus and tropica tropicals. nursery workers at orchard supply say watering and breathable fabric add a layer of protection. special product but even burlap works if you haven't had that around the house or towels even. >> mountains of southern
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california are still getting snow. video this evening of interstate 5. grapevine look at the pictures. closed this morning because of snow. and closed again now because of snow as well. more weather coverage in a little bit but let's move on to other news. first time in years california is actually set to end next year with a little bit of money in the bank if you can believe it. governor brown unveiled new spending plan today and how he wants to spend that money is welcome news for education certainly. annette has more now from sacramento governor brown says the budget deficit has been wiped out. and per pupil spending will go up almost 2700 dollars by 2016 under controversial proposal to give schools more money if they have higher numbers of low income and non-english speaking students. >> growing up in compton or richmond is not like it is to grow up in los gatos or beverly
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history or piedmont. >>reporter: higher education will see bump of 2000 dollars or so per student in the same time period. all thanks to rebounding economy and california voters for approving the tax hike under proposition 30 last november. >> they voted for the tax measure. putting money natural schools as i said but we are also not going to play the game of spending money we didn't vishtion the budget plan includes 1 billion dollar rainy day fund while democrat like the blue print proposal also drew cautious praise from republic kaichbilitys i think the governor deserves credit for advance ago budget plan that gemly imposes fiscal restraint when we need it. >>reporter: some were disappointd with state coffer improving they to the some of the safety net program would have been restored. thousands for instance have been living without dental care and florence was counting on able to get denture to look for a job. >> you can tell i need a lot of dental care. it's hard. the
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only place to go to right now do extraction. >>reporter: democratic leaders said prop 30 money is specifically for schools. >> prop 30 was a question of funding the budget we identified not yet a question of funding restoration of cuts. >>reporter: this is just the first step. tax revenue picture becomes clearer by may and adjustment can be made. lawmakers pus approve a bump it by june 15 n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> governor plan to increase public education funding also includes some social engineering. poor district get more than richer district. as you contain imagine reaction is mixed of this plan. here's david. >>reporter: west contra costa county unified school district knows hardship. 47 million dollar state bailout and laid off teachers long before the state bump it crisis. now that it has paid off the loan it's getting a shot in the arm from the governor. in announcing 2.7 billion dollars in increased funding for public
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education next year he singled out richmond. >> growing up in compton or richmond not like it is to grow up in los gatos or beverly hills or bead mont. >>reporter: governor plan is to give challenge districts a higher amount than better off ones. teachers such as julie sees proposal as critical to district which 70% of the 30,000 students are minority. some still learning english. >> we have to understand that education is probably the foundation for everything. without the money and without that foundation we see problems in the future so fix that go how helps. >>reporter: school district beard member charles ramsey does see down side when districts are treated unqualifyly. >> we are in the going to apologize. if we are able to 7 the resources we well comment resources. >>reporter: that means those resources come from los gatos high school in a community where the median income is 94,000 dollars and the prison house tops 900,000 from high school san mateo union high school district. governor plan to incur estimated 4 million dollar loss.
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>> the problem is there's not extra money in the system to be able to transfer it to districts that would 7 that money without taking it from district that already endured cuts. >>reporter: that gets districts against each other. >> other communities and other areas are going to be able to stand up and say not us. not this way. i don't blame them. they should fight. >>reporter: how will it work. governor formula calls for school districts with high numbers of children learning english foster children and low income students to get greater state funding. in the newsroo newsroom, abc 7 news. chp investigating a fiery crash that killed a big rig driver and shut down westbound highway 37 in vallejo for hours today. the chp says an is a hardware big rig driven by 43-year-old william ballard of roseville collided with a pickup truck about 6:40 this morning. big rig tumbled off
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the highway and landed on a grassy area below whereas you see it caught fire. >> 2 witnesses and off duty paramedic pulled over and grabbed a fire extinguisher they had and went to the big rig to see if they could assist the driver. they then found the driver upside down in his cab and tangled in the seat belt. they freed him from the cab. >>reporter: however ballard died at the hospital despite the heroic effort to save him. driver of the pick up was not hurt. we are all learning much more tonight about the disturbing past of convicted killer now accused of murdering his own mother. he was freed from death row decades ago. something that he even questioned at the time. laura has more on the story. >> i knew something was going to happen. he's such an evil person. >>reporter: she doesn't want but this woman is a relative of one of 2 bay area girls kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered by dennis stan worth in 1966.
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>> he had a gun on them. and he had them strip and cary ran if you tonight come back i'll kill your friend. she came back and he shot her in the head. >> registered him. we are aware of him. >>reporter: on wednesday vallejo police say the 70-year-old man called to say he murdered his mother at his home in the hidden brook golf community. >> we obtained search warrant searched the house thoroughly found evidence of the crime contained within the house. >> she was just a fine lady. very fine. >>reporter: he had been living in the american canyon mobile home park. neighbors say they hadn't seen her for about a month but her son was a regular visitor. >> i have no idea why anybody would want to do that to her no. idea. the let alone her soychbility hi no fear of him. >>reporter: he lives across from where dennis lived for the past decade. were you aware of his past. >> yes, i was aware of the past but i figure he had, he had paid for his mistakes according
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to the law. >>reporter: dennis hats a violent criminal history including 2 kidnap and rape in 1965. kidnap and sexual assault in may of 1966. in august 1966 kidnap rip and murder of the 2 teens from pinole. and on august 3rd, 2 days later, kidnap and rape in pacifica. after his convictions stan worth made the following statements quote the fact is i did it. i'm guilty as charged and there is no doubt to that fact. and i had a fair impartial trial and swear that the conviction that has resulted in the sentence 0of death is valid. stan worth was initially stepsed to death but in 1970's california death penalty was overturned and his sentence reduced to life in prison. then he was granted parole in 1990. the family of cary well wair had he moved to virginia vallejo circulating fliers to neighbors near the killer home to make sure they knew of his violent past.
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>> it make no, sir sense. you know. i know they didn't have a lot of room there for him but when they are that bad put them in a 6 by 10 cage and forget about them. >>reporter: the relative said after her family distributed the fliers in this neighborhood they received a phone call from stan worth parole agent telling them that they were harassing him. she says she also received a couple of mysterious phone calls in the middle of the nature a man she thought was stan worth. she got a gun for protection after that. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> welch more to get to the thursday night. washington happened overnight to the gate or that was guarding an east bay pot garden. to his owner now facing drug charges in court. >> that thing you see wiggling is a snake open plane. yes instead of ordeal for passengers, it is the reptile who had one wild ride. we have that story. >> yo. >> this is hysterical. drive
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>> marin county breeder has lost legal battle to get her horses back. humane society seized 4 horse from his gray fox farms an area northwest of novato and west of downtown petaluma. an investigation was launched last month after a report that about 2 dozen horse were his being subjected to serious neglect and unsafe living conditions. the horses at the ranch being monitored now. breeder denies any kind of neglect. grandmother has been arrested in the south bay accused of stealing 400,000 dollars from the santa clara county non-profit where she worked. prosecutors say 62-year-old of miss bell faked hundreds of documents to convince the organization housing for independent people to pay for unneeded repair to her home in oakland that house add homeless shelter. da office says bell filed fake claims for repairs over the course of 5 years and pocketed
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the money. castro valley man arrested for selling marijuana and using a lizard to protect his stash made the first court appearance today. big gator was taken to the zoo in ill health. nick smith has the story now from the courthouse in hayward you. >> yes we were really surprised.what surprised them was this. mr. teeth. the photo provided to us by the alameda county sheriff's department is said to be the alligator like reptile being used by this man. 32-year-old mayor as guard for his stash of marijuana. >> i saw actually 2 sheriff's and 2 animal control people and over by the house. >>reporter: mayor made the first court appearance today to face charges that he possessed marijuana with the intent to sell. on tuesday mayor was arrested in the home he rented on mount jasper drive in castro valley. officials conduct probation check say when they arrived they found mayor, 32 pounds of processed marijuana
9:18 pm
and live 5 foot long reptile that law enforcement officers believed to be an alligator. >> it was situated near where the product was stored and issue initially they thought it was fake until it started moving and acknowledge stated then they got out of there very quickly. >>reporter: mayor attorney says mr. teeth is actual lay brazil gator that the client esrd from a friend that wanted to destroy it and. >> he told the sergeant nelson that he was supplying a place in san jose with marijuana. >>reporter: but in order to legally grow and sell marijuana to co-open you must be listene listened. an argument the attorney will address when the client returns to court. mr. teeth, officials tell us the reptile was sick and stressed by the the events of the last few days. it died this morning. mayor has been in the santa rita jail since arrest and family told me off camera that because of his incarceration he doesn't know that the pet he's had since
9:19 pm
1996 has died. >> the price of the new eastern span of the bay bridge may go up to dramatically thanks to the california highway patrol. the chp says entire bay bridge needs a 31 million dollar security camera system. over 26 million is needed for the eastern span alone now the bay area toll authority had earmarked only 8 million dollars for cameras. the chp claims the new span has little nook and cranny where terrorists could hide and that the entire bridge is a target because of its iconic nature and structure. speaking of camera. shot from one of ours of quick tower in san francisco. couldn't that look nice. few city icon in forty-niner colors tonight two days before the team takes on the green bay packers in the play offs. so go niners. and the question is what will the weather be like for that game. sandy is in for spencer tonight an has the forecast. >> how about dry, dan. >> perfect.
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>> victory weather. >> but it will be cold. all right so make sure you grab a jacket or sweatshirt when you go to the game if you are goin going. let me show you live picture from different perspective. this is from the high definition east bay hills camera as we look across the bay there. skies are clear. we are going into a cold night. let check out life doppler 7 hd and see what it looks like. clouds and showers long gone. a little bit of moisture showing up. way to the north here. don't worry. that's not something thaits going to bother us. as a matter of fact temperatures are already fall. look at the numbers rate now. upper 30's. napa and fairfiel fairfield. it is really getting cold in some of our valley and it's only going to get colder. freezing cold the next few mornings. dry milder weather arrives next week so you will really start to notice a difference between the nighttime low and the daytime high. but tomorrow morning make sure you have several lawyers on. need those thick jackets or heavy winter coats 27 by morning in napa fairfield
9:21 pm
livermore you will fall down to 28 degrees, 29 in concord vallejo 30 degrees, 36 in oakland, 34 for san mateo oshtion san jose palo alto, 33 degrees, santa cruz right down to freezing. so it is definitely going to be a cold night. the result is going to be with clear skies moving in. colder conditions. not just a one day deal. we are going to see another day of it. this cold air mass has moved in from the gulf of alaska and settling in here not in a hurry to get out of here any time soon. once we get through the next couple of mornings we start to see a change in the air mass as high pressure builds in. dry pat he were sets up through next week. there will be a weak disturbance that will ride over the top of this ridge. saturday night into sunday morning but now computer model are going dryer and dryer so we are not expecting any rain. now we have a beach hazard statement in effect through friday morning. king tide also known as highest astronomical tide tomorrow morning over seven feet at 10:26. combine
9:22 pm
that with a steep northwest swell and that could lead to minor flooding in the low lying areas along the just dheep in mind. if you good to the beach tomorrow. i don't know why you would go to the beach with this chilly weather but might want to check out the waves. all right here are the temperatures tomorrow afternoo afternoon. it's cool around this area in the upper 40's. 49 in liver movrment you get in right around the bay. see mostly sunny skies but cal temperature. 52 san francisco. 51 half moon bay. low sun angle this time of year. colder air mass in place and start out chilly. hard to get the temperatures up high so we stay below normal for this time of year and around the monterey bay 52 in monterey. 53 for salinas. 49 degrees the high for morgan hill. speaking of 49. 49ers game against the pack they are saturday night. 49 at 5:00 o'clock dropping down to 45 degrees. it's going to be cold. under mostly clear conditions. sunset i've:12.
9:23 pm
make sure off sweatshirt or jacket. 7 day forecast frosty cold the next couple of mornings. don't be surprised if you have to scrape the ice off the windshield or you see ice lawn tomorrow morning and the following morning. after that we'll start to notice temperatures slowly moderating. low to mid 50's. sunday monday get you up even higher by midweek. mid to upper 50's low 60's showing up. dry mild pattern dan next week. >> like it. >> good. >> thanks very much. >> well social media have new king maker. web site that kids are using even more than facebook these days. that's next. >> plus why you can expect lieutenant governor newsom to hit the red carpet at this year
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you gotta taste this soup. >> new survey looks at teenagers and social media and maybe surprised by which one they prefer. here's tumbler micro bloging site you share photo and video. it's more popular than facebook. take a look at the chart. according to tech investor 61 percent of teenagers love do 57 percent of people 19 to 25 years oel of age. compare those numbers to facebook, 55 and 52 percent respectively. the numbers are almost triple those for twitter instagram and snap chat. still, bottom line as you would expect teenagers use every single social site more than their older piers. >> indiana woman learned today her son abducted 19 years ago is alive and well. richard wayne landers was 5 years old when he was taken by his paternal grandparents during a custody dispute. police found him in minnesota after of using his social security number. landers now married and expecting his first child. his
9:28 pm
mother is said to be jumping up and down with joy. quite literally. what a relief. >> well passengers i'm sorry crashing his car into a pizza shop wasn't a good enough reason for one nebraska man to skip lunch. employee at this store said elderly driver asked him if he could order a pizza while he waited for an emergency crew to arrive. he was hungry. apparently the man foot got stuck on the gas. no one got hurt. don't know if he got the peter. >> passengers on a qantas airliner saw something very unusual today. snake on the plane. literally snake on the plane. watch what we show you here. 10 foot python was holding on for dear life to the wing while the wind whipped at it. cell phone camera capture the whole thing. that's it. it's wiggling there. how the python slithered on to the plane is a guess. snake held on for the entire two hour flight to new guinea. it was dead on arrival however but did it manage to hang on. wild.
9:29 pm
as we continue here tonight on 7 news at 9:00. abc news exclusive on the death of the nfl junior say ou. family shares the reaction to the brain disease he had when he took his own life. wake up call from the government. one of the most popular drug on the market. and the fda says the dosage is dangerously too high. >> gunfire breaks out on another school campus. frightening reminder of the newtown tragedy. even as new gun control measures are being gun control measures are being debated in washington
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>> today we learn football great junior suffered from degenerative brain disease associated with repeated blow
9:33 pm
to the head. we talked exclusively with the family about these findings and here's karen. >>reporter: the sudden suicide last year of former nfl star junior shocked sports fan and family scrambling for answers. >> we just wanted the truth. >>reporter: he was a legend on the grid iron. 12 time pro bowler who was known for crushing hits like this over nearly 20-year career. but it's the bruising blow that made his family and many others question what made him shoot himself in the chest. >> head to head contact, the collision are just they are out of control. >>reporter: the family donated junior brain to the national institute of health. abc news and espn learned exclusively test showed scenes of ete, chronic traumatic brain that shrink and harden brain tissue. hard knock are a mainly part of the nfl. part of the reason it's america most popular sport. >> if you add up all the days
9:34 pm
of practice. training camp. games. that's a lot of hits. >>reporter: but recently the league has come under fire. more than 4000 former players have sued the league in a landmark class action lawsuit. they claim the nfl misled them for decades on the risk of brain injury. >> there's just no focus on the most important part of your body. which is your brain. >>reporter: the league insist it made players safety a top priority. the family says they ups that violence is part of football. and while the hits make the highlight reel. >> not worth it for me to in the have a dad. >>reporter: the nfl said today the findings on junior brain underscore the need for more research on concussion related injuries. karen, abc news, washington. to the another sport. major league baseball will begin blood testing the players this season for human growth hormone. timing of the decision certainly interesting coming one day after baseball stars like former giants home
9:35 pm
run king barry bonds were left out of the hall of fame because of their alleged connection to stared use. commissioner selig says the testing is one part of the league anti-doping effort. >> judge in colorado says enough evidence for suspect he had theater killer holmes to stand trial. he faces charges of killing 12 people and wounding 58 more 6 months ago. the judge agreed that prosecutors have established probable cause on more than 160 felony counts. holmes scheduled to be arraigned toorrow however holmes defense attorney has filled papers indicating he's not yet ready to actually enter a plea. in central california high school teacher hailed as hero for talk ago 16-year-old shooter into putting down his gun and turning himself in after opening fire on a classroom and wounding another student. happened this morning in taft small town just outside bakersfield in kern county. police say the 16-year-old walk that a classroom with a shotgu
9:36 pm
shotgun. he fired twice. hitting one student. that student is in critical condition. 16-year-old shooter says he was bullied. and in newtown, connecticut superintendent is asking police to guard sandy hook students indefinitely. despite 2 officers at each of the district 6 schools since last month tragic school shooting the kid are just too scared to go outside for recess. well health news in the sleep aid ambien. why the fda wants to you take even less of it. evidence now shows that these pills can cause big problems especially for women. lisa stark saw it firsthand. >> showed you how dangerous it is to drive under the influence of ambien. here i am in a driving simulator 30 minutes after taking the pill. >> am i on the right side of the road. >>reporter: 90 minutes after downing the education -- medication. 4 hours? still obviously impaired. now it turns out even those who wait the recommended eight hours after taking ambien and
9:37 pm
generic version may still be too im paivrd to dry. it's especially true for women. who for some unknown reason do not clear the immediate as quickly. new studies show that after taking a regular 10 milligram ambien or generic, 15 percent of women will still be impaired eight hours later. after taking the extended relief version? whopping 33 percent won't be alert enough for things like driving. so the fda says the new recommended dose for women half of what it is now. but first check with your doctor. those relying on other sleeping medications shouldn't rest eas easy. fda is examining those as well. lowering the dose will help ensure women are alert for the morning drive and will also help reduce this. dangerous chases of sleep driving. this is now back to you. >> coming up next. some of the bay area folks who are up for academy awards this year. and
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>> we are pleased to announce best picture nominee 2012 are feast of the southern wild. >> silver linings play book. >> zero dark 30. >> lincoln. >> les mis. >> life of p i. >> amore. >> javrng 0unchained. >> and argo. >> oscar nomination for best picture and lincoln and the spielberg epic received most nominations with 12 today. now among the other by area nominee
9:42 pm
the innovator of sound mixing and visual effects at luck ago film. newest member of the disney family that owns abc 7. tonight jonathan talked with 2 of the nominee and has the low down on our own innovation that can help you get the oscar can help you get the oscar party started >> standing top fountain at lock as film san francisco headquarters yoda may most famous face here. but it's the face of much bigger angry green guy that has jeff white nominated for the first oscar. >> incredibly excited. first time i have been nominated. it's really amazing honor. >>reporter: he was industrial light magic official vebingts supervisor for the avenger. with an army of animaetor he helped bring the hulk to life by starting with an exact model of actor mark ruffalo. >> even did you know to the skin texture. all the pour on his scene are the hulk pour so we really try to use him as basis for everything that we did in the project. >>reporter: but even bigger modeling job you didn't see. 3d model of new york city that
9:43 pm
took 8 months to build. >> went out to new york city and started with photographing the relevant city. that became the busy of all our textures and geometry. >>reporter: crashes and explosions are specialty for sound mixer gary but this time he's nominated for oscar on very different kind of film. >> when i first heard about lincoln i thought it would have civil war scenes and battle. >>reporter: but it's about a battle in congress. >> mix very focus on hearing every noou ans of the acting. >>reporter: it's a historical film all the way down to the tiniest sound. >> white house and recorded doors and things that were in the white house when lincoln was there. and wanted to get even the air the sound of the white house. >>reporter: now if yoda wants to watch the oscar only one place to do it that's rate here on abc 7, the official academy award station. party already getting started on our web sit site, 7 >> we have the great new feature on the web site this
9:44 pm
year part of the oscar coverage called my pick. >>reporter: just like a paper ballot but better. fill out your oscar pick and share them with your friends on facebook then compare scores in real time on oscar night. >> do it with your friends all over the country and the world. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> more on that in a moment. lieutenant governor newsom will likely hitting the red carpet this year. that's because film his wife jennifer helped make his wife jennifer helped make is nominated for oscar >> i have been in the military halfway through my senior year of high school wanting to serve my country. >>reporter: invisible war has been nominated for oscar for best documentary feature. film is an investigation of rape in the u.s. military. she was executive producer for that film. documentary won audience award at the sun dance film festival as well. by the way here's how to access the my pick just mentioned. click the button on home page at abc 7
9:45 pm
to see a list of the nominee and start khooing choosing your favorite. my pick app is also available for apple android and kindle did he vases then see who wins on sunday february twovrt when the oscars are announced live only on abc 7. still ahead tonight. veteran pranksters is at it again. trick that has people reacting about like this. if you haven't seen this, it's
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tz. >> 3 spotted hyena moved into the new home at the oakland zoo this week. 2 male and one female are settling in to new
9:49 pm
dig after move from the berkeley hyena center where they were part of uc research colony. funding for the research dried up recently and 3 animals, well they needed a new home. oakland zoo told uc they would be happy to adopt them. zoo said it will keep the younger trio separate from elderly pair already at the zo zoo. worried about potential fighting because of the age difference. we'll see if they get adjusted. >> unusual sight. snow in the holy land. biggest snow in 20 years. lots of people set out to enjoy it with snow bull fights. as you can see a lot of photographs. check this out. really stunning site in australia. towering red wave traveling more than 60 miles an hour. it is in fact rust colored sand caught up with ocean water. no sear us damage was reported but it was certainly dramatic and spectacular. >> let's get one last check on what's going to happen around here. cold tonight. zapped the. >> yes. we got rid of the snow from the santa cruz mountains and down around the southern
9:50 pm
end of monteray county where we saw several inches of snow. now live doppler 7 hd seeing a quiet scene but the chilly will be settling in. freeze warnings friday saturday morning 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. both movrjts it's indicated here by the dark purple north bay east bay interior valley and santa clare valley temperatures really dropping mid 20's to low 30's. bayshore line in the light purple under a frost advisory for the same time period low to mid 30's so bottom line is bundle up tomorrow morning when you head out the door. it's going to be cold. tomorrow afternoon it's a cool pattern mostly sunny skies upper 40's to low 50's and here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. freeze one more morning. saturday morning and then we start to see improvement in our overnight temperatures. milder daytime readings for the weekend. really it's going to stay cool but then beyond that when we see the milder conditions. mostly sunny. >> not ready for mild. >> i know. after freezing for a few right. >> thanks very much. >> new video is going viral. really unbelievable. prachbing
9:51 pm
sister built a custom car seat costume for the latest video. called drive through invisible driver prank and it's a hit. look as he takes unsuspecting look as he takes unsuspecting fast-food workers for a real >> this is how it looks while i'm wearing it. and let's see how people react when a car with no driver rolls up to the drive through window. about. >> that's good stuff. lack at the reaction. this is classic.
9:52 pm
like what? drive through employee shocked. some terrified. if you wonder he eventually got food as freaked out workers threw it into the car. not the first time he pulled a prank like this. one was money floating in the air while he paid. if you watch the whole thing it's pretty funny. at one point you hear him say to one of the workers throw the food in i'm a ghost. >> how does he drive the car. >> i guess he has his hands pretty clever. >> google has the driverless car. he has one too. >> larry is here. >> that is very good. i don't have anything nearly that good. the you can tune out now. 49ers packers game comes down to last second field goal but 9 versus a kicker they can trust.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. san jose sudden dilemma. restarting search for police chief just days before the current chief is set to retire. >> introducing the i potty high
9:56 pm
tech solution for tripping your toddler. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 over open channel 7. >> i go for that. >> you have little kids. >> exactly. >> ism pad not included. find friends guarantee that. sports. and the kicker is? david acres. 49ers decided after all they are going to stay with acres heading in saturday play off game with green bay even though he made green bay even though he made only 49 of 42 attempt this >> drills it and it is off the crossbar and through. >> season has come full circle for acres. in week one he tied the record with 63 yard field goal in 30-22 niner win at green basement but from that point open acres made less than 70% of his kicks. so last week the niners brought in veteran to compete for the starting job. acres. >> football player does. competed and feel confident and
9:57 pm
give us the best chance to inwith. >>reporter: rogers never lost faith in acres and he's envision oning big things ahead. >> i said all along dave will make the kick to help us win the sawp bowl. my main is on dave. get david mind back right. >>reporter: lost in the lead up to saturday game is the quarterback who led san francisco to that season opening win at lambeaux field alex smith. now he's back up and tipping to support the man who replaced him as starting signal caller. >> he's very locked in. very locked in. especially game day. i think i see him more confident and what he is doing. especially in the time there is gray, indecision, make decision and go with it. >>reporter: intense harbaugh let down his guard for a momen moment. lewis and news play before play off game and harbaugh is an 80's guy from the music to the hair. >> a mullet? i have the same haircut since
9:58 pm
10 years old. >> good stuff. jaguar have new general manager now they need head coach because mick was fired today after going 2 and 14. that is the worst season in franchise history. niner offensive coordinator greg figure high on the list of new jag gm caldwell roommates and team mates at john carol university. college hoop tonight. this is one of the best rivalry on the west coast. st. mary's versus gonzaga. loaded once again. 15 and 1. 9th in the country. snowing on the outside we are the severe weather station. red hot in. zag you may have never heard of kelly but he's a junior from canada. he is outstanding. 7 footer with skills. he was dominating at 17 points at the half. down 18. steven holtz with matthew on the pwechbling lit it up 21 for him at last check. got it did you know to 6 but then the bull dog hits a
9:59 pm
big 3. right now 64-55. gonzaga seven minutes to go in the game. warriors drop the second game in a row for just the second time this season last nature. falling at home to the grizzly. warriors they preach defense and played a lot better this season but they were dominate entered the paint. 60-34 with mark and zack dominating. warriors now with treacherous schedule this month. upcoming games against portland tomorrow night and then the heat the spurs the nugget the clippers list goes on and open of tough opponent. jackson says he doesn't worry about who they are playing. >> we go game to game. it's important for to us realize that if we do what we are supposed to do on defensive end also execute take care of the basketball continue to rebound we'll be just fine. so who we face is not as important as how we approach it. >> one day after the steroids cloud kept anybody from getting into the baseball

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